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About Us

Mr. Purpose LLC is a motivational speaking and coaching company founded by Byron P. Stewart. The organization aims to help people discover their true purpose in life while providing them with the tools to navigate the road ahead.

Our Method

What sets Mr. Purpose LLC apart is its unique curriculum and methodology. We ensure that clients have information and the supportive encouragement needed to succeed. Equipping them with an action plan (road map) and life-sustaining tools that enable them to deal with challenges along the way.

Mr. Stewart leads program development from his own experiences, and has developed a structured method of assessing how workplace dissatisfaction, challenges with interpersonal communication, and increased community engagement impact future planning: “People are usually in one of four places in their life’s purpose.”

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About Byron Stewart

Byron has inspired a variety of audiences including local high schools, colleges, and groups of young professionals. Mr. Stewart is a native of Silver Spring, Maryland and is a graduate of both Howard University and Syracuse University. Byron currently resides in Atlanta Georgia with his wife Lindsey and their cat Stokely Carmichael.

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